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Our Vision

We are the revolution; cloud & telecom purchasing will never be the same. In a world that favors numbers over customers, we take a stand to put our customers needs above all else; connecting them to lazer-focused suppliers who are disrupting entire industries.

Our Story

10 years spent serving the telecom needs of clients ranging from small-medium business to enterprise and the Fortune 500 for the world’s most admired telecom company (we’ll let you guess), we saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. The results were astonishing. Customer experience has gone by the way side. With so many suppliers vying for your business and so many solutions to choose from, how do you cut through the noise and choose the best? To answer this question we set out to create Catch Solutions; a technology agency of trusted advisors with one focus in mind, extraordinary customer experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the trusted advisor to each one of our clients, helping them realize improved productivity and increased profitability by leveraging cloud & telecom technology to the fullest potential.

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Our work flow



Analyze. The first step of any project we undertake is to analyze the current environment. This involves bill analyses, contract reviews, network diagrams, strategic planning, and a needs assesment.


Design. This is the fun part. We will assist your IT team or work indivudally to design a practical and compelling solution that will help you achieve business transformation and gain an edge over your competition. We can design a more agile or nimble network that enables productivty versus one that restricts it.



Negotiate. As your biggest advocate and trusted advisor, we will not rest until we get you the low price you deserve. If there is a lower advertised price somewhere, we will get it and/or beat it, gaurenteed. Don’t be tricked into thinking you can get a better rate by going direct.


Support. The most important part of any sale is what happens next, as it should be. We are by your side for the long haul, through thick and thin, for better or worse. Things will go bump in the night, they always do. Who do you want by your side, a transactional sales rep or a trusted advisor who values your relationship more than the sale?


Our team

Kyle J. Burt

Kyle J. Burt


Dallas TX

Jordan Litsky

Technology Advisor

Austin TX